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Affordable Wine Trips: Livermore Wineries

Written By latifah gurape on Sunday, April 7, 2013 | 6:42 AM

By Philip Vonwrede

With a span of 5,00 acres, more than 40 wineries claim their home in Livermore Wineries. These wineries specialize in Spanish and California blends. With its surge of new wineries all over the wine region, the latest one to pop up is boutique right beside the historic buildings that has redefined the reputation of California as a wine making industry. Aside from that, Livermore has a whole lot more to offer other than their wines. It now has a lot more activities and events that people can participate in, such as free of charge wine tasting events for all the guests.

3 Steves Winery

When three very special friends came together while sipping and talking about wine, the idea of the 3 Steves Winery began. Being experienced and knew the ins and outs of the wine industry, they easily built their own vineyard and used their knowledge and skills in producing the best quality of wine that people will enjoy. They recognize the importance of the Livermore region, so they make it a point to use all the resources available there. The countless varieties of grapes that they use are made over into wine at their facilities.

Concannon Vineyard

Concannon Vineyard is among the biggest Livermore wineries, with an annual production of more than 30, 000 wine cases. The winery is best known for its Concannon and Petite Sirah wine varietals. Nevertheless, the winery still produces other wine varietals with the notable one being Chardonnay. The Wine Group currently owns Concannon Vineyard was founded by James Concannon in 1883 and has for a long time been the supplier of altar or sacramental wine for Roman Catholic Church and it is proudly referred to as the California Historical Landmark.

Garre Vineyard & Winery

Encircled by natural topographies, Garre Vineyard & winery offers a very special environment setting for all visitors. Aside from having the most amazing sights all around, their wines also have garnered a bunch of awards from all over the country and are considered one of the top destinations in California for wine lovers.

Red Feather Winery & Vineyard

Bearing the catch phrase "Wine From The Heart", Red Feather Winery & Vineyard is owned by Dan and Connie. Ever since 2005, they had produced the best quality of wine and made sure that when people come to taste it, they are placed in a beautiful and comfortable tasting area. Some of their finest wines include Gunnar Cabernet Sauvignon, Jaidem's Dessert wine, Livermore Merlot and a lot more. Guests can check this out every Saturday from 12 o'clock noon to 5 o'clock in the afternoon.

Wente Vineyards

Founded more than a century ago as part of Livermore wineries, the family owned Wente Vineyards is regarded as the oldest winery in the country. Presently, the winery is still recognized as a leader in the wine making industry of California and has been managed by consecutive generations of Wente family. Currently, they blend innovative and traditional wine making practices on their vineyards located on over 3,000 acres of land and have created a unique portfolio as being a producer of world's fine wines in Livermore region.

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